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  • “After our son was born I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get back into shape. Firstly because I was just enjoying all the amazing newborn snuggles way too much to do much else, but also because I knew it was important to let my body heal. I also didn’t want to risk jeopardizing my milk supply, since nursing was something I had really hoped to do. Fortunately the baby weight came off pretty quickly with healthy eating and moderate exercise, but there were still a few postpartum trouble spots lingering that I had hoped to tighten up a bit.

    A few weeks ago I contacted Justin Wilson at Impact Nutrition who had helped me in the past to reach my goals as a competitor, taking me to a national level in my first year. Once again Impact Nutrition has helped me to reach my fitness goals in a realistic and healthy manner, and in a way that didn’t affect my lifestyle as a mama! They gave me the guidance and extra push I needed to fulfill my goals and I know I will continue to trust Impact Nutrition with any future fitness endeavours in the years to come.”

    – Leah Moser (December 2015)

    Leah Moser,