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Ashley Law’s transformation is nothing short of incredible. She hopes her story will INSPIRE others!

My transformation story so far…

Throughout my life I have had many struggles and obstacles to conquer. My parents divorced when I was a teen, I had my first child at the age of 16. Then had my son at 21, that year was a very stressful time he was born with several heart problems. My health being the last thing on my mind I found myself at 175lbs. At 5ft this was not healthy. The doctor told me that it would be extremely difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE for me to lose weight due to the diagnoses of hypothyroidism, low iron, B12 deficiency and PCOS- Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

In December of 2014 I found myself on an operating table having surgery on my uterus. After months of recovery, I could see my weight going up and up. I was unhappy and uncomfortable in my own body. THAT IS WHEN I DECIDED THAT I HAD HAD ENOUGH.

With the support of some great friends I blustered up the courage to sign up with Impact Nutrition in July 2015 to compete in a fitness competition. I lost over 40lbs and competed in my first show November 2015. June 2016 I competed in my 2nd show. I did not place in either but I was able to lose the weight and turn my health around. I learned how to be committed to myself and how to have discipline with my food. I feel stronger both physically and mentally. Now here I am 30 years young, a mom of 2 amazing children, in the best shape of my life and HAPPY! I will definitely be competing again and look forward to the next show!

Thank you Justin Wilson and Gen Hofman for coaching me!

-Ashley Law

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