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Our programs and pricing are as follows:

For information on getting started on any of our programs: Please email: info@impactnutrition.ca -OR- call 403-942-4090 (please leave a message if we are unable to get your call)

Online Nutrition Coaching (Our most popular program!)

Nutrition and cardio regimens, which are changed based on YOU and YOUR progress as frequently as needed, designed to help you get in better shape, lose weight, and improve overall fitness levels. You get weekly online check-ins with your coach, and once again, your program is adjusted based on YOU and YOUR specific goals and progress to keep things moving forward:

  • 3-month minimum commitment (weekly online check-ins): $215/month
  • 6-month minimum commitment (weekly online check-ins): $185/month
  • 12-month minimum commitment (weekly online check-ins): $165/month
  • 1 single month of online nutrition coaching is also available, for $245 (weekly online check-ins). Though a minimum 3 to 6 month commitment is recommended for most clients.
  • Online Nutrition Coaching with Bi-Weekly online check-ins, on a 6-month commitment: Just $135/month!!!

If at any time you choose to convert to a longer commitment term, we are happy to upgrade you to the new lower cost rate! Just let us know and it will be effective at your next scheduled billing date.

We offer convenient recurring monthly billing processing right from your credit card! You can also pay in full up-front. Whatever works best for YOU!

If you choose to take advantage of our monthly billing: Beyond your initial commitment you will remain an active client and the monthly payments will still continue to come off of your credit card perpetually at the same billing rate until YOU DECIDE that YOU ARE SATISFIED with YOUR RESULTS. Once you decide you are where you want to be with your progress, all you have to do to cancel is notify us to discontinue your coaching relationship at least 2 business days prior to your next billing date.

Resistance Training Regimens

Workout programs, that are changed every 4-weeks, to enhance the effects of your online nutrition coaching, and help you reach your goals:

  • $65/month when paired with a minimum 3-month commitment of online nutrition coaching. *This program is created based on your goals, via the information you provide us with, and is delivered in 4-week blocks, as you check-in with your online nutrition coaching program.
  • For those that want a resistance training regimen outside of a nutrition coaching commitment, we are happy to offer a 12-week resistance training program, broken into 3 x 4-week blocks, based on your goals: $225 *This program is created based on your goals, via the information you provide us with, and is delivered as a one-time product via e-mail, with no recurring coaching afterwards.

Contest Prep

This is available for those that want to compete in bodybuilding, bikini, wellness, figure, fitness, fitness model (for federations that have this category), men’s & women’s physique and classic physique. This is not for everybody, however if you are interested in this goal, we will walk you through the process via online nutrition coaching, resistance training regimens, cardio programming, coaching adjustments and much more.

  • $1740 for a 16-week contest prep (can be split into auto-credit card payments of $435+GST every 4-weeks, for 4-payments, or 5 payments of $348+GST if you prefer). Please inquire about other rates for other time-frames, if interested.

If you have any questions please ask.

We look forward to helping YOU reach YOUR goals!

Thanks & God Bless You!   

  • All sales are final
  • All fees are non-refundable
  • All prices/offers are subject to change at any time
  • For all Canadian residents GST will be added to the price
  • Prices are in Canadian dollars
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