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This transformation is AMAZING! Graham worked with Impact Nutrition on an online nutrition coaching program in October 2015. He then went forward on his own, consistently implementing what was taught to him. He came back a much healthier, leaner and confident person in November 2016, and signed back on with us, to continue on towards his goals. He is down 80 pounds in just over a year and motivated than ever!

Here are his inspiring words below!

“Sick and tired. I was sick and tired. Every day forward with no real progress, no progression in my life, battered down from a lifetime of negative social experiences, a result of struggling with my horrible eating habits. I don’t know what exactly it was that made me “click”, what made me realize that I could fix my life, that I could change everything and come out a stronger, more real man. My father had talked about Impact Nutrition, I’m sure that he told me about it quite a few times before I asked him about it, and although I was very hesitant about it, I decided to sign up for the meal plan with a coach. I started with the meal plan, and it dramatically changed the way I lived, 6 meals a day, it felt crazy in the beginning, eat more to lose weight, sounded crazy too. One of the parts that I really liked was how much better I felt physically as well as to a lesser extent mentally. Eating pretty much just carbs and sugars all day will make you feel pretty gross, and if that is just how it is, life can suck. It was cool to learn that I didn’t have to go through that anymore. For pretty much a whole year I skipped working out, which of course now that I’ve really started taking working out seriously I regret but I still made it work. 80 pounds total, from 270 to 190 right now. Although my body seems to really like 190, and the “number” doesn’t want to get lower, my body fat keeps decreasing! So, now I’m working on trying to build mass, to add some solid lean muscle to my frame. I want to get huge. I definitely lost the weight pretty consistently in the beginning, stalled for a while at 220, then again at 205. Now I am very happy, I finally get to actually enjoy looking in the mirror, instead of pretending that I looked decent when I didn’t. My confidence level is through the roof compared to when started, and it continues to go up. I have engrained this into myself as a lifestyle rather than a hobby, and I will keep working out as long as I can, keep improving, rise to the top. ”

Graham Konopski

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