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Check out the progress of this 40-something #fitmom!

Her goals were to bring her body fat % down, and gain a little bit of muscle definition, along with a personal “goal weight” which she has now surpassed, and is motivated to keep going. All of this has been done online with Impact Nutrition via weekly check-ins with her online nutrition coach (originally coach Gen who is now on maternity leave, and now coach Jenna). Her coach works with her regarding her nutrition and cardio programming, personalized to the client, as well as a resistance training program, which she executes in her home-gym.

This progress has taken place, at a healthy, sustainable, reasonable rate over the past 6-months, with family life, vacation/travel, and everything else that’s part of a balanced life thrown in there.

Keep up the great work!

*The client is not seeking recognition, as this is about her personal health & fitness journey, so asked that her face and name be kept out of this.

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