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Check out this awesome feedback from Chrissy, about working with Impact Nutrition via our online nutrition coaching program. A few years ago, Chrissy competed in the figure category, and did very well, with another coach. However she has found herself in a mentally and physically “stuck” spot since (as is a common struggle for many competitors, when they are not preparing for a competition). She is very analytical and intelligent, currently working on her masters degree while still working and very busy in general, as well incredibly hard on herself. We are glad that we were able to help her find some balance with her nutrition and training for regular everyday life! Keep it up Chrissy!
**Her words below**
“Working with Impact has been a great journey of getting back into the groove of an everyday normal. For me, the epitome of suffering post competition was the constant striving. The urgent, regimented energy and mindset of more, more, more. Results, and results alone being the only thing that mattered. Justin has been, and is an awesome coach. Not just because he knows how to work with meal and workout plans, but because he knows how to work with people. Impact was a great guide on the side and a huge support to creating a regular routine with planning meals, eating regular portions of everyday foods and remaining active in the gym without that constant striving and suffering.”
Chrissy S.

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