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Ian Thomsen is a busy husband and father. He works hard and has a tight schedule. Despite this, he has put in the work and discipline dropped 42lbs since late March of this year (4.5-mos), and has gotten stronger and in better overall shape in the process.

He is doing an online nutrition coaching program with Impact Nutrition (which can be done anywhere you live, as long as you have the internet), and as he is in our local area he also purchased a gym membership to use our personal training facility for his workouts.

(Ian’s words below:)

“In March 2016 I weighed 232 LBS. I had tried to lose weight on my own, and was getting little results because I was not aware of the most effective meal planning and cardio programs for my goals.

I joined Impact Nutrition later that month, initially getting a gym membership at the end of March, and starting an online nutrition program in early April. I was nervous about the whole idea of “dieting” and getting back to the gym, after not exercising for nearly 17 years.

The group at Impact Nutrition set me on the right path, and helped and encouraged me every step along the way. In just 4-and-a-half-months I have lost 42 LBS, gotten stronger, in better physical condition, and I have never felt better!

Thank you to everyone that has helped along this journey.”

-Ian Thomsen

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