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I’ve always wanted to get into the gym and work out, but never knew exactly what to do. I finally decided to pull the trigger this summer and get a personal trainer to help put me on track, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I have been training in judo for many years, which has even included competing at Canadian nationals. I’ve always used this as my main source of fitness. Typically I take it a little easier on judo over the summer, however unfortunately when I return in the fall, I’m usually a little out of shape and a couple pounds down from muscle loss.

This year when I returned I was actually a couple pounds heavier than usual, and the weight that I’ve put on is lean muscle, thanks to Impact Nutrition!  I would highly recommend this program to anybody who is looking to get in shape, or take their fitness to the next level!

Brayden Grenier

Top photos show Brayden doing some banded smith machine shoulder presses (the bands increase the tension and weight at the top of the movement, creating greater lock-out force) during a personal training session at Impact Nutrition’s personal training facility. Bottom photo shows Brayden (in white) taking an opponent down at the 2015 Canadian Judo Nationals in St. Jean, Quebec.

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