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Impact Nutrition handled Meghan Trebilco’s online nutrition coaching program, as she transitioned sports from being a drug-free figure competitor (where she had previously won an NPAA pro card, not with us), to a drug-free raw powerlifter, as she got ready for a powerlifting meet. Where she ended up breaking 2 national records in her federation, in her age and weight class!

(Her words below)

“I am very thankful to have worked with Justin and Team Impact for the time that I did.

Switching from bodybuilding over to powerlifting was a fantastic choice on my part, but I carried over some pretty nasty metabolic damage that is yet to be fully fixed. I went to Justin with a competition date set and a weight class I wanted to be at, and we decided on a water cut to get me to that weight, maybe even below if all went well. The water cut was a great idea especially considering I am still having troubles losing weight, and this allowed me to not stress about the weight loss and allow me to just focus on the meet.

With Justin’s experience in powerlifting I had no doubts he would get me down to my weight class which he did! 1 kg below to be exact! He followed this with a great competition day food plan that gave me more than enough food and energy to hit some solid numbers! He put so much detail into the plan that I knew what to eat and how much to water to drink at every point in the day.

I ended up coming in first for my weight and age class, as well as setting 2 NATIONAL RECORDS which was completely unexpected but super wicked!

I was dialed in perfectly for my first meet giving me the confidence to keep going with this sport to see just how far I can get. Thank you Justin and everyone at Team Impact!”

– Meghan Trebilco

*Note: Impact Nutrition handled Meghan’s online nutrition coaching program, and she had a separate in-gym powerlifting coach in her local area (so in this particular instance we can’t take credit for that portion)

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