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Shannon Heninger, small-town fit mom of 4 children, wasn’t always fit, she wasn’t always planning on stepping on a stage or getting ready for a fitness photoshoot, in fact quite the opposite… Like so many others she struggled with her weight and body composition for the majority of her life. Eventually reaching a bodyweight high of 190lbs (when not pregnant, you can see her “before” picture in the background on stage in some of the pictures below). At some point she decided to be proactive and do something about it, so she joined Weight Watchers, which taught her about food journaling and portion control, and she also started engaging in aerobics classes and running, eventually becoming an aerobics instructor. She made progress, lost bodyfat, got in better shape and made several conscious efforts to change the way she did things, with great results! Then in mid-2012, she decided to take things a step further and she signed up with Impact Nutrition. She worked with Impact coach Justin initially, on an online nutrition coaching program, making progress losing even more bodyfat and building muscle, with the focus being more on what she saw in the mirror vs the number on the scale (which did still decrease as well anyway). Shannon worked with Impact for close to a year, then spent some time applying what she had learned on her own, then eventually came back, got back on an online nutrition coaching program and continued to work towards her goals. At some point, with some prompting from others, she decided to make the commitment to do a competition. She was nervous and did not know if she would look the way she was supposed to onstage, but with constant counseling, coaching, and encouragement from Impact coach Staci Erickson, she continued to persevere and eventually hit the stage at the 2014 NPAA Canada Classic, and much to Shannon’s surprise she placed first out of ten athletes in the masters fitness model tall class (35 and over) and fifth (out of ten) in novice fitness model tall! She then set her sights on doing the 2014 IDFA Edmonton Classic the following weekend and won the IDFA Transformation Challenge as well as another first place finish in novice fitness model!

Continuing on, at a later competition Shannon was also awarded her Fitness Model Pro Card!

Shannon wants everyone thinking about engaging in the journey to get in better shape and health to know that if she can do it, YOU can do it. No, it is not always easy, and you do have to learn to balance life, family, and responsibilities with training, cooking, and the discipline it takes to achieve your goals, but it can be done. It may not be over night… but as we like to remind our clients at Impact Nutrition, Consistency x Time = Success! and Shannon is a great, living example of this!

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