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Tammy made some amazing progress with our online nutrition coaching program! 96lbs difference between these 2 photos. Check out more of our success stories here: https://impactnutrition.ca/?cat=9

Online Nutrition Coaching (Our most popular program!)

Through our online nutrition coaching program, you work 1-on-1, via an online format, with one our in-house, online nutrition coaches, and you work together to help YOU reach YOUR goals. This is a great program for WEIGHT LOSS, as it is custom to YOU, it is also suitable for almost any other non-competitive body composition change goal.

HOW DOES IT WORK: We gather information from you, the new client, and one of our in-house nutrition coaches create a program for you. Your starting or “base program” is based on a combination of the information you have provided to us and our practical experience from working with thousands of clients over the years. Your nutrition coach will provide you with nutrition and cardio regimens, which are changed based on YOU and YOUR progress as frequently as needed, designed to help you get in better shape, lose weight, and improve overall fitness levels. You get weekly online check-ins with your coach, and once again, your program is adjusted based on YOU and YOUR specific goals and progress to keep things moving forward.

Online nutrition coaching is the cornerstone of most clients overall progress. Aside from helping you, the client achieve your goals, we encourage clients to stay on with us afterwards for a little while to learn how to maintain their newfound progress. This is through de-programming (as we call it in house), as we slowly and methodically reduce cardio loads, and increase overall caloric intake, while maintaining your new found physique. This will increase your odds for long-term success and make things a bit more comfortable after your program is done. Ideally, you, the client, learn much from this entire process and learn how to manage things on your own for the long-term.

Online Resistance Training Programs

We also offer online progressive resistance training programs (weight training covering a variety of goals) for those that would like to utilize this service as well. We do encourage resistance training of some form, as it is beneficial to your overall physique as you get leaner or whatever your current goal is. Muscle is very metabolically active tissue – More Muscle = More Metabolism (in most cases), plus you look better as you get leaner. Resistance Training is also beneficial for a variety of health reasons, including but not limited to: Improving bone density as you age, gaining strength for all of life’s tasks, decreasing insulin resistance (by increasing insulin sensitivity, which will help you stay leaner), as well as potentially decreasing the risk of osteoporosis as you age.

Not all clients engage in resistance training, and it is not mandatory with our program, but it is highly encouraged, whether with one of our programs or a different one you choose to utilize. Experienced clients that are well versed in the gym or whatever setting they resistance train in, are welcome to follow their own resistance training program as well.

We have also had many clients utilize an in-gym personal trainer for their resistance training, while utilizing our online nutrition coaching service. Some use a separate trainer at their own local gym, or preferred fitness facility (as many of our clients are long distance or have existing memberships at other facilities… This is totally fine!), and clients local to our personal training facility are encouraged to check out what we can offer them in regards to personal training services.

For more information, please do not hesitate to email: info@impactnutrition.ca  You can also call our office on weekdays at: 403-942-4090. If we are not able to get your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you!

If you would like to speed up the inquiry process, please fill out the online intake form at this link: https://impactnutrition.wufoo.eu/forms/impact-nutrition-client-intake-form/

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