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Team Impact Athletes shown here: Natalie Mack, IFBB Bikini Pro, onstage at the Toronto Pro Supershow and Ryan Waywood, IFBB Bodybuilding Pro, when he won his pro card at the 2016 IFBB/CBBF International Events Qualifier. Check out more of our success stories here: https://impactnutrition.ca/?cat=9

Impact Nutrition clients have had enormous success utilizing our online contest prep coaching service. We use a variety of different methods to help clients achieve their stage goals. We are not set on one specific methodology or another, however as a staff we are experienced and diverse in our methods, and will use whatever is best for each specific client and the situation at hand.

Though you, the client, will work with one coach predominantly during your contest prep, it is not uncommon for our coaching staff to consult with each other as needed, to give you the best possible service coming from a larger knowledge and experience base.

While we may prefer certain methods of contest prep nutrition and training coaching, we are familiar with multiple different methods, and will use whatever we have to, that fits the clients life, in order to make things happen.

Impact Nutrition has produced hundreds of winners and top 5 placings, in a variety of different federations. In both drug-tested and non drug-tested events. We have had clients win 35+ pro cards and counting, in various federations at this point (IFBB, IFPA/IPE, NPAA, IDFA) including 2 clients that have won athe elusive IFBB Pro Card, under our tutelage.

Contest Prep is not for everybody, but for those that are looking to make the commitment, and willing to do what is necessary (within reason), we can help you bring your absolute best to the stage!

For more information, please do not hesitate to email: info@impactnutrition.ca  You can also call our office on weekdays at: 403-942-4090. If we are not able to get your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you!

If you would like to speed up the inquiry process, please fill out the online intake form at this link: https://impactnutrition.wufoo.eu/forms/impact-nutrition-contest-prep-intake-form/

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